What is Lydianstream?

A system that offers a clear path to improving teamwork in any workplace.

Based on a deep understanding of how performing musicians communicate and function as a finely tuned team, Lydianstream has codified these skills in a way that allows any team to reach the shared plane of consciousness which musicians like to call ‘the zone’. 

We call these skills the Codes of Behaviour.

What musicians do in the creation of music is no different from what happens when a team works together to reach an objective and to strive for successful outcomes. At the heart of it all is communication. But we are talking about a very special kind of communication. It is ‘high-functioning’ communication that not only leads to better outcomes but also an experience that is more engaging, fulfilling and enjoyable. In the short video below, founder Mark Smulian explains the background and benefits that Lydianstream can bring. For more information, click here.

Introduction to Lydianstream

Introduction to Lydianstream

The two videos below are from the TED talks series. They provide some interesting and compelling evidence and ideas that are in-tune with Lydianstream.


Musicians' brains

Hi-tech monitoring of the brain activity of active musicians has yielded some spectacular findings

Smarter together

Kare Anderson expands on how opportunity makers recognise and connect with the individual talents of others