What is Lydianstream?

It is system that offers a clear path to improving teamwork in any workplace.

How is it related to music?

Have you ever wondered how performing musicians manage to create inspiring, magical music night after night? Lydianstream is based on a deep understanding of how performing musicians communicate and function as a finely tuned team. 

What inspires the music that moves us is not the technique or talent of the musicians. It is their ability to employ specific emotional skills as they interact during performance. These are human skills we all possess. Lydianstream has codified these skills in a way that allows any team to access them, practice them and put them to work in any team-based situation. 

We call these skills the Codes of Behaviour.

How can Lydianstream help your team?

What musicians do in the creation of great music is is directly comparable to what happens when any team works together to reach an objective or strive for excellence. The Lydianstream system unlocks the potential of any working group, team or interdisciplinary collaboration.

Following an immersive workshop, the Lydianstream system enables organisations to monitor and measure improvement over time, encouraging the on-going application of the Codes of Behaviour so they become embedded in everyday practice. 

Please explore the Lydianstream website, get inspired and discover what Lydianstream has to offer.